Alpha Males Are Bullies

Alpha Males Are Bullies

Franz de Waal, who is partly responsible for the term “Alpha Male” described in his book Chimpanzee politics, findings from his studies of primates, specifically chimpanzees.

Somehow the alpha male term has become synonymous with that of a bully. Franz however, disputes this simplification of the alpha male, because the truth is far more complex.

From his observation the alpha male was well liked and was generous. Often the alpha male was not the singularly strongest male but had a distinct ability to be cooperative.  

When a bully chimpanzee did become the alpha male, coalitions inevitably formed of both male and female chimps to dethrone the bully.

The popular conception of what an alpha male is in today’s society is neither good for men, women and society as a whole, because the view of the bully as a person to aspire to is far removed from what the alpha male actually is, and that’s to be a good leader and that requires that you respect others, and you in return are respected.

Notorious London gangster Bobby Cummines defines respect as, “When someone respect you, they are pleased to see you. Respect ain’t about walking into a pub and they’re crapping themselves and they’re terrified, they’re being nice to you there is a difference. Rudeness is a weak person’s imitation of strength.”