Our Fundamentals class is designed as an introductory program for anyone starting out and is suitable for all levels. This is a good way to get familiar with the various techniques and disciplines we teach at our academy. The program runs every three months and can be attended at any point in that period, which provides flexibility for those who want to move onto the open sessions, as well as experienced practitioners looking for a refresher.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

BJJ Open - Suitable for all experience levels, these classes are based on monthly themes, which focus on functional and effective Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques.

BJJ No-Gi - Swap the Gi for a rash-guard to participate in our 'tailored for the street' No-Gi program. In these sessions we focus on how to defend and set up attacks when there is no fabric to grab, and keep things straight to the point.

BJJ Takedowns - Practice how to break-fall, keep your balance and defend against takedowns, as well as the various ways of setting them up from standing as well as from the ground.


Our Mixed Martial Arts classes are suitable for all experience levels. This is an efficient and effective combat training program, combining striking techniques based on boxing and Muay Thai, with grappling styles, including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo and wrestling.


These classes are suitable for all experience levels from beginner through to professional fighter. The sessions focus on the technical aspects of stand up striking to produce the most efficient fighting style, while improving personal fitness and endurance.

Sparring session are also available for the more advanced practitioners.

Kids Self-defence

BJJ is an excellent way to promote determination and teach valuable lessons in confidence and self-control to people of all ages, particularly children.

In our kids classes we focus on respect and discipline while still having a lot of fun. Our sessions incorporate techniques from striking and grappling that develop balance and coordination.


Limberness and flexibility are some of the key advantages to have when practicing martial arts. Our Yoga classes are here to help you on your way with a program specifically tailored to martial arts practitioners. This is a great way to improve core strength, joint mobility and overall flexibility, and will also complement all disciplines taught at our academy, as well as everyday life in general.